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Meeting Minutes

Minnesota Association of EMS Educators
Meeting Minutes

Oct 13, 1999

Minnesota Association of EMS Educators
Meeting Notes
Friday, October 29, 1999
ARFF Training Center, Lake Superior College

The MAEMSE meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM following the EMS Educators Advisor Group meeting. Craig Rees conducted the meeting for chairperson Don Sponslor. Bernie Haldenwanger was asked to take minutes.

1. Introductions
Fifteen (15) educators were present.

2. Minutes
Craig reported that the minutes from the last meeting were not available from Jim Levi at the time and gave a brief report on the following.

At this time there is just over $6000 in the MAEMSE account with approximately $150 paid out for postage.

MAEMSE Conference speakers have been confirmed. Craig summarized the conference agenda. The DOT Instructor Course will again be offered as well as the EMS Educators track. The cost last year was $125, which included membership.

A legislative update panel is coming together; confirmed by Mary Hedges, Jo-Ann Champagne and Mark Lindquist.

Location for the 3rd annual MAEMSE conference set for April 28 & 29, 2000 has been confirmed. Several members present reported that they have viewed the Grand Casino Mille Lacs facility and that it was very nice and would accommodate the conference very well. The room cost is also very reasonable, with rates varying dependent on days of the week.

A tickler flyer went out to all members, training institutes, ambulance services, and EMSRB advisory committee members. Jim Levi and Sue Keister as well as others are working on a Conference Brochure that should be out by the first of the year. Sue stated they are looking for people to help with the conference. A Friday evening reception is being planned.

3. Vendor Report by Sue Kester and Chuck Coggins.
Applications to vendors have been sent out. A tickler flyer went out 8/20/99, and agenda brochure10/20/99. Chatfield Ambulance donated mailing costs in-kind.

Chuck asked members if there was anything else they suggested the vendor committee do? Bob McCarthy suggested follow-up calls to the vendors, and Tim Dickinson would get a vendor list from the NAEMSE conference to the vendor committee.

4. Shirts with the MAEMSE logo were presented and may be ordered through Dawn Bidwell. It was suggested silver lettering replace the black lettering on the green shirts. Bob McCarthy asked if swatches with different colors of lettering were available for these shirts? Craig will check with Dawn. It was suggested that MAEMSE might want to sell other items such as hats, mugs, etc. Tim Dickinson asked that the officers check into the not-for-profit status of the organization before doing this.

5. Sue Mattson asked about the status of the MAEMSE incorporation paperwork? Craig stated that it was still with the lawyers and Deb Preston is following up on the process.

6. Craig reported that he has been working with Jo-Ann and Mary from the EMSRB to look into what the 'equivalency' for the DOT Instructor course is?

7. A web site for MAEMSE is also being considered, assisted by Inver Hills Community College.
MAEMSE now has voice messaging set up within the IHCC system. The number is (651) 450-8345, ext. 954 and can be accessed by the officers.

Discussion followed of the benefits a web page and of MAEMSE sponsored EMSRB Examiner Workshops for new and seasoned examiners as well as the training facilities.

8. Chuck Coggins suggested that MAEMSE go beyond the EMS Educators Conference. Sub committees were discussed.

9. Paula Nelson suggested the officers divide their interests and start sub-groups to forward the movement and intent of MAEMSE.

The members present asked the officers to develop a work-plan and present it to the members at the next meeting.

Bernie Haldenwanger stated it is difficult to go forward with so few members doing the actual work. Craig confirmed that the officers have done the majority of the work. Discussion followed on how to get more members involved and go forth with our mission as EMS Educators.

Sue Mattson suggested those who are interested could get involved during the conference call meeting scheduled for November 12th. This can be done by notifying the MAEMSE voice messaging number (651) 450-8345 ext. 954.

10. Progress on the MAEMSE Newsletter was questioned? Craig reported that Dan Sponslor was having trouble with the software and was still looking for submission of articles and information from members and organizations.

11. Other business was called for. None was brought forth.

12. MAEMSE meetings will continue to follow the EMSRB Educators Advisory meetings.

Friday, November 19, 1999
EMSRB office - first floor large conference room
Friday, December 17, 1999
St. Cloud Technical College
Friday, January 14, 2000
Inver Hills Community College Friday, February 11, 2000 Rochester Technical College Friday, March 24, 2000 EMSRB office - or Metro area

A motion was made by Sue Kester, second by Bruce Sherman to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Bernie Haldenwanger

Minnesota Association of EMS Educators
Meeting Notes
Friday, October 29, 1999
ARFF Training Center, Lake Superior College

EMS Educators Present:

Bruce Sherman Hibbing
Mike Guethrie Redwing Fire Dept
John Nihart EMSRB
Sue Kester Chatfield EMS
Chuck Coggins SE MN EMS
Joe Newton North Memorial
Barbara Johnson Orr
Craig Rees North Memorial
Mark Slethum North Memorial
Tim Dickinson St. Cloud Technical College
Sue Mattson CRMIS
Al Erickson INCC
Bob McCarthy Hennepin Technical College
Bernie Haldenwanger Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
Paula Nelson North Memorial


21 Second ST, Chatfield, MN 55923 (763) 520-4394

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