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Meeting Minutes

Minnesota Association of EMS Educators
Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2002

A very brief meeting of MAEMSE took place on Friday, February 8 following the EMSRB Educator's Meeting.

Sue Schaffer opened the meeting with agenda items from President, Craig Rees who was not in attendance.

1. Randy Deters reported to the group on the MAEMSE booth at the Arrowhead conference. There was some interest by participants who wrote their names, etc and they will be contacted by MAEMSE. This booth was rather bare bones and Randy suggested the development of a "conference box". This box would have all info and handouts for whoever is the next booth attendant. Randy also mentioned that representatives from Merginet were at the conference and they are interested in being a vendor at our April conference.

2. Craig Rees asked for a volunteer to attend the MAEMSE booth at Long Hot Summer and Randy Deters volunteered. Randy asked the group to send him any pictures or materials for the booth.

3. Cathy Anderson and Sue Kester will attend the MAEMSE booth at the SE Conference in Rochester.

4. Craig also wanted to solicit any other options for the 2003 MAEMSE Conference. Anyone who has any site suggestions should get bids in to Craig. We are currently looking at a metro site, Hinkley, and Alexandria.

5. Dawn Bidwell will have the DOT Instructor course information out soon.

6. Some general discussion took place regarding the NAEMSE Instructor Course that is being offered on the west coast. We talked about the possibility of sending a MAEMSE representative to the course, who could then bring back the information to the entire group. We discussed how MAEMSE might finance this and decided to get more information on the course and then make a decision.

The next meeting will be held Friday, March 8, 2002 directly following the EMSRB Educator's meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Schaffer


21 Second ST, Chatfield, MN 55923 (763) 520-4394

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