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Meeting Minutes

Minnesota Association of EMS Educators
Meeting Minutes

Sep 13, 2002 12:18 p.m.

Metropolitan 911 Offices

Attendance Sheet on File

Convened at 12:18 PM

Craig welcomed all in attendance to meeting.
He reiterated that anyone is welcome to attend the following Meetings: MAEMSE - Educators Advisory // MD Standing Advisory EMSRB {There may be a few meetings that are not open}

* President: Craig Reese - MAEMSE is short on funds. If we do any booths it will have to be very inexpensive ones. Need to push for more members {preferably active ones.} We are still trying to figure out the bill from last conference. As soon as we know anything there will be an update. The new treasure Sue Kester, will take over duties once all bills are paid & the books balance. MAEMSE will keep the address as is.
* Vice-President: Pete Erickson- No Report
* Secretary: Kim Sletten - Minutes from May meeting read & approved. I will send out minutes by e-mail for anyone who would like them. Please just e-mail me with your address.
* Treasurer: Sue Kester - No Report, until books balanced. {see Presidents report}
Board Members; Dr. Laurie Oelslager / Fran Carlson
Cory Sargent / Dan Sponsler / Cathy Anderson

Old Business: Kim has looked into & ordered 3 {book bags}-totes- with MAEMSE logo. Will have at next meeting with cost. To be considered.

Conference 2003: - The date for the conference has not yet been confirmed. We will update by e-mail when they are known. It was again suggested that we have 1 National Speaker than to look within membership for speakers. Utilize minimal expense. * Have a call for speakers - topics from membership through the newsletter. Can also e-mail Kim with information. Pre-Conference: Possibly have re-certification of Instructor's ACLS / BTLS / PALS, others. As well as have DOT course. These ideas tabled until October meeting. Please bring suggestions.

DOT Course: Discussion was held on implementing a course for this fall sometime. Craig does not have the time to set one up, but will assist where necessary. If interested in taking a lead role or hosting a course let Craig or Randy Deters know. Break-out instructors will be needed. Brainerd is interested & going to check for numbers. Need 15 - 25 people to put on course. It is requested that it be a 3 [three] day course. If Course is set-up it will be e-mailed as well as posted on the Web site.

NAEMSE: Instructor coordinator course to be held in Portland on Oct. 25th-27th. Until more structured as well as approved by State or as national curriculum, we will just watch for updates. If interested go to their web-site.

Web-Site: {Kim} Fran & I have some very interesting & unique ideas for the web site. We will be contacting Swanny with information. Looking into the possibility of advertisers on site. Will bring info back before setting something like that up. Hope to have other info. to Swanny next week, so check in a couple of weeks. Please e-mail any suggestions to us. Swanny wil keep administrative control.

MAEMSE: As Vendor
Upcoming events: Medical Directors Conference September 27th - 29th Greater NW EMS Conference: October 4th & 5th Kim & Fran will work booth cost is $ 50.00 includes registration / meals / booth. It has been approved that Kim contact Dawn for a couple shirts/mugs, to be given away as door prizes, see what we have available. Trauma Tactics: October 25th & 26th, Randy is checking into cost of booth. If reasonable enough he has volunteered to work it. Conference is at Treasure Island.

Training Center Assistance:
MAEMSE would like to offer assistance to assist in raising the National scores. To help with any problems/ issues that training programs have. There is a concern for conflict's of interest. But that will be avoided if we have set guidelines for information to pass out or refer programs to.
* Look into EMS regions for numbers. Also ask them what they would like to see offered. Craig will speak with JoAnn.
* Laurie suggested letter to Don Beckering, inviting someone from the Chancellors office to be a liaison for their program. To see where we may be able to offer mutual ventures as well as work together. We need to let everyone know that we are here to help.
* Suggestions: Educational Development / Regional contacts Set up program so that it suggests resources available. Let programs know what has worked or assisted others in bringing up numbers.
* More discussion next month on ideas & assistance we can give.

New Business:
The new brochures are completed. They will be posted on the Web site. If you want them sooner, please let me {Kim} know & I will e-mail you one. Challenge was made to try & recruit new members. {preferably active ones} Welcome new members; George Vasquez & Mick Niess.
MAEMSE will follow new meeting schedule of Educators Advisory. Next month meeting October 11th Metropolitan 911 Offices Educators Advisory: 10:00 AM -- MAEMSE: To Follow
Adjourned: 2:00 PM
Respectfully Submitted:
Kim Sletten - Secretary


21 Second ST, Chatfield, MN 55923 (763) 520-4394

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