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Meeting Minutes

Minnesota Association of EMS Educators
Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2004 12:00 p.m.

Alexandria, MN

Members Present: Joe Martinez, David Halls, John Seomala, Char Perry, Scott Parker, Bob McCarthy, Al Benny, Nichole Thompson, Randy Deters, Victoria Haynes, Jeff Hasse, Laurie Oelslager, Kelly Goodnature, Craig Rees, Lisa Matzke, Dawn Bidwell

Officers Report:
President Rees extended a thank you to those who attended the MAEMSE conference, and reiterated the focus of the conference remains to provide education to EMS educators, along with offering the DOT course. Rees also stated the committee is willing to look at other topics/focus with assistance.

Vice President Deters also thanked the attendees, and encouraged members to bring ideas for conference topics to Dawn and Craig for next year. Also reminded the group of the next MAEMSE meeting Friday, June 11th.

No Treasurers Report. Old Business:

New Business:
Rees prosposed the following considerations for group discussion regarding the MAEMSE 2005 conference…should the conference continue to be held in April, geographic location, should the conference be held on a Sat/Sun vs. Fri/Sat, and voting on a conference chairperson.

Bidwell provided information on the weekends available at Alexandria's Holiday Inn…discussion surrounding the location centered on the fact that Alexandria has been the lowest bid and that other locations such as Craigens and Hinckley have higher priced food and limited weekends. After discussion, Rees moved to have the conference remain on the traditional date in April, and that the conference remain in Alexandria. Oelslager seconded the motion.

Rees asked for discussion on whether the conference should be held on a Saturday/Sunday vs. the current Friday/Saturday configuration. After discussion, Rees' recommendation to the conference committee based on discussion consensus, was that the conference be changed to a Saturday/Sunday format, and that a pre-conference Friday session be offered. The DOT course would also be offered and adjusted accordingly.

Rees opened the floor to nomination for Conference Chairperson. Oelslager nominated Bidwell as Chairperson. Martinez nominated Deters. Rees opened the floor to discussion. No discussion. Majority vote went to Dawn Bidwell as the 2005 MAEMSE conference Chairperson.

Bidwell asked for a volunteer to be the new sweatshirt/novelty coordinator to house the existing items, work on updating the logo, and look at a new line of items to sell. Victoria Haynes volunteered for the task, and Rees announced to the group that Victoria will take over the task and collect information on updating the existing logo. Rees asked that Haynes bring proposals before the group at the June 11th meeting.

Rees reminded the group of the June 11th EMSRB MAEMSE advisory committee meeting at 10:00 a.m., and of the MAEMSE association meeting to follow.

Rees informed the group of the election process…that the Treasury position is open, and that Sue is willing to maintain that position. The Board met last p.m., and positions are open for President, Treasurer, and three Board members. Nominations will be accepted and can be e-mailed to the EMSE website, along with contacting the member by phone to verify the nominatee, until May 14. Rees reminded the group that the nominees must be members of MAEMSE, and that the membership fee is $25.oo. On May 15th, ballots will be posted for voting, and that voting could take place by printing out a ballot and faxing/mailing it. On June 11th, paper ballots will be tabulated along with all proxy votes.

Rees informed the group that many more people are using the website, and that the goal is to continue improving that site.

Nominations were opened. Deters nominated Sue for Treasurer. Oelslager seconded. Rees will contact Sue to confirm acceptance. Oelslager nominated Martinez for Board Member. Deters seconded. Martinez nominated Oelslager for Board Member. Goodnature seconded. Oelslager nominated Matzke for Board Member. McCarthy seconded. Goodnature nominated Rees for President. Bidwell seconded. All Nominees for positions accepted. Rees reminded the group that nominations will remain open by website at

Rees asked the group for ideas for promoting the Educators Group, and stated that in years past booths were set up at the state EMS conferences but were discontinued due to costs/vendor fees, etc. Discussion centered on whether MAEMSE could share a booth. Benny proposed sharing a booth with North Air Care at the Oct. 1 Mehnomen conference. Rees asked that this be verified with North Administration.

McCarthy extended a thank you to Deters for all the work with the MAEMSE conference, and Bidwell informed the group that after talking with the Holiday Inn- Alexandria staff, the conference would be tentatively set for April, 22-24th, 2005 pending the dates of other EMS conferences offered in the state.

Oelslager made a motion to adjourn. McCarthy seconded. Martinez opposed.

stating this weekend and the previous weekend are open for booking next years conference. Oelslager proposed the conference remain in April that the Accelerated Degree Program with MSU-Mankato is still viable, and Genelin updated the committee on the fact that with the new president, MSU-Mankato is much more open to collaboration on several levels.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:20 p.m.


21 Second ST, Chatfield, MN 55923 (763) 520-4394

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